Borneo Cultures Museum

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The Borneo Cultures Museum, located at the centre of Kuching City, is the largest museum in Malaysia and the second largest in Southeast Asia.

The museum which officially opened its doors to the public on 9th March 2022 houses five floors each with their own unique exhibition theme.

The ground floor is equipped with ticketing offices, an auditorium, a multi-purpose hall, tourist reception, restaurants, and gift shops, among others.

The first floor carries the theme “Love Our River” while the second floor is themed “Harmony with Nature”.

The third floor looks at the “Change of Times”. The exhibition includes historical relics, archaeological finds and more.

The fourth floor, meanwhile, contains “Things of Desire”, and showcases cultural relics and art galleries among others.

The museum which covers a total of 6,726 square metres of exhibition space is a fusion of classical displays and galleries with modern technology to provide an interactive and unique sensory experience to visitors.

Finally, the museum’s masterpieces and best examples of Sarawak’s material culture will be on display in level five. The ‘Objects of Desire’ gallery will have a strong object focus that allows visitors to admire the artistic beauty of these artefacts. The gallery will be showcasing artefacts that reflect skilled craftsmanship, having designs with divine powers and as a symbol of status.

The Borneo Cultures Museum and the Annex Office Building are part of the Sarawak Museum Complex (SMC). Other buildings within SMC are Museum Sarawak (Old Building), Kuching Aquarium, Islamic Heritage Museum, Natural History Museum, Taxidermy Building, Annex Office Building and Sarawak Arts Museum


BCM Entrance
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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

9:00 am – 4:45 pm


Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

9.30 am – 4:30 pm



Free for first 3 months


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To learn more about Sarawak and its destinations, visit the Sarawak Tourism Board website.

Borneo Cultures Museum