Limbang Town

The town of Limbang is situated on the narrow strip of land that divides Brunei in two and located along the eastern bank of Limbang River. The tallest building is the Limbang Plaza which is connected to the Purnama Hotel that offers a panoramic view of the Limbang River.

Plaza Limbang

• The tallest building in Limbang town and located at central of Limbang Commercial Town.
• Limbang Plaza is occupied by state agencies’ offices (level 4 to 8) and small outlet (level 1 to 3).
• Purnama Hotel are connected to this building and giving its guest a beautiful panoramic view of the Limbang River.
• Some of outlet that inside of the building such as Sugar Bun, Pezzo, Chicken Rice Shop, Celcom Centre, Wang Lian
(bread shop), Supermarket, Uncle Bob, Mr. DIY, PC outlet.

Purnama hotel Limbang

Location Map

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