Malay Kampung / Kampung Boyan

There are many authentic Malay Kampungs (traditional Malay villages) along the north bank of Sarawak River, next to Fort Margherita. One of the more famous ones is Kampung Boyan. For a special experience, arrive from the opposite bank on a local Penambang (river taxi). Then, explore the villages and savour the variety of traditional Malay snacks, dishes and seafood as you enjoy the sunset against the skyline of Kuching on the other side. While you’re there, do check out the famous Kuih Lapis (layered cake).

Thus far, these villages are relatively untouched and less visited compared to the other destinations, which is surprising as they have some of the most beautiful examples of traditional and modern Malay architecture.

Meanwhile, there are some other superb Malay houses around Jalan Datuk Ajibah Abol, behind the Kuching Mosque. Both these areas are particularly noteworthy as they are self-contained, intact communities that exist within a modern city.

Getting There

You can cross to the north bank by land or via a Tambang or Penambang (river taxi) from the Waterfront and disembark near Fort Margherita.

Location Map

  • kampung boyan

  • kampung boyan

  • kampung boyan
  • kampung boyan
Culture and Heritage

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