Matang Wildlife Centre

KUCHING, 18 NOVEMBER 2019 – Please be informed that wildlife sighting activities in Matang Wildlife Centre will be temporarily ceased from 1st January 2020 until 30th June 2020 (6 months) in order to facilitate repair and maintenance works on the infrastructure.  If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Visitor Information Centre at 082-248088 or Matang Wildlife Centre at 082-374869.

Matang Wildlife Centre, part of Kubah National Park, houses endangered wildlife in large enclosed areas of rainforest or spacious cages. The main attraction is the orangutan adoption programme, where young orangutans, who were either orphaned or rescued from captivity, are taught how to survive in the wild.  As well as orangutans, the centre includes spacious enclosures housing sambar deer, crocodiles, sun bears, civets and bear cats, and three large aviaries featuring hornbills, eagles, kites, storks and a host of other birds native to Sarawak.

But, Matang is not a zoo. It is a dedicated centre where endangered species, such as orang utans are rehabilitated and released into the forest. Most individuals were confiscated from members of the public, who illegally kept them as pets, and must be taught how to fend for themselves in the wild.While they are being educated, they remain at the centre, enabling you to get close to animals you might not spot in days of wandering the jungle.

There are some pleasant riverside picnic spots a short walk from the information centre and four jungle trails.  The Pitcher Trail, which follows a circular path through the forest, takes approximately two hours and trekkers should not have too much difficulty in spotting the various specious of pitcher plants that litter the forest floor at the sides of the trail.  The Rayu Trail leads to the Kubah National Park headquarters and takes 3-4 hours.  The Sungai Buluh Trail leads to two secluded waterfalls and takes 2-hours (one way).

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Jungle trekking is also possible as there are four jungle trails here, the Pitcher Trail (takes about 2 hours), the Sungai Rayu Trail (about 3 – 4 hours), the Sungai Senduk trail (about 1 hour) and Sungai Buluh trail (about 2 hours).

TIPS: Park accommodation can be booked online.  Carry enough water, a change of top, a small towel, strong insect repellent and a light poncho.

Jalan Lundu-Sampadi,

National Park Opening Hours:

8.00am to 5.00pm
Monday – Sunday including Public Holidays


Matang Wildlife Centre
Tel: (+6) 082 374869


Doing it

Getting There

Matang Wildlife Centre is about 30km from Kuching City and it takes about 40 minutes to reach the Centre.
Since there is no regular bus that goes directly to the centre, hiring a van, taxi or Tour Operator services are recommended.

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