Mount Murud

The summit of Mount Murud (7950ft) is the highest mountain in Sarawak. Mountaineers can tackle Mount Murud (reasonable going) or the famous Batu Lawi (2,043m, very tough) located within the Kelabit Highlands area. However, these are both serious expeditions and guides and porters will need to be hired in Bario or Bakelalan. For Batu Lawi, mountaineering equipment and experience is also necessary.

Mount Murud is a Holy Mountain, alcoholic drink and smoking is prohibited.


Getting There

MasWings operates regular DHC-6 Twin Otter turboprop flights to and from Miri to Ba Kelalan and Bario. From there trekking are needed about four days trek through forest that is now part of Pulong Tau National Park.

Location Map

  • Sarawak Borneo Adventure Bekelalan Murut

  • Sarawak Borneo Adventure Bekelalan Murut
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