If you think you have good bargaining skills, than this is the place to put it to good use! Some traders at Serikin’s marketplace will bargain with you for the best price for their native handicrafts, dried food stuff, traditional snacks, local fruits, batik clothes and many more. While some traders prefer a fixed price, they are nonetheless mostly inexpensive.

This village market is just over an hour’s drive from Kuching, near the borderline between Sarawak and Indonesian Kalimantan. On both sides of the road leading to Serikin, you will also notice many houses from the Bidayuh communities, interspersed with swathes of emerald jungle.


  • You will need to rent a car.  It is a very easy drive and proper signage available.
  • Wear a comfortable dress/shirts and a hat.
  • Bring enough cash as no ATM machine available near to the area.
  • Pack light and wear sunscreen!

Getting There

The best way is to rent a car and drive your own.

Location Map

  • market

  • Serikin by Audrey

  • Serikin by Audrey

  • market
  • Serikin by Audrey
  • Serikin by Audrey

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