Sibu River Cruise

As Sibu is the largest town built by the Rajang River, the longest river in Malaysia, you can never miss the waterway transport when you are in this city. Sibu River Cruise offers you the perfect way to travel in Sibu from a different perspective and to enjoy the beauty of the Rajang River. Entering a new chapter in the Rajang River waterway, Sibu River Cruise was modified from an express boat and reminds us of the old glory days of the express boat industry when they used to transport thousands of people in and out of the islands every day. Accommodates 60 pax at once, Sibu River Cruise is the epitome of rustic charms.


Offering two cruises namely Sightseeing Cruise at 5:15 pm-6:15 pm and Sunset Cruise at 6:30 pm-7:30 pm, Sibu River Cruise brings you down the Rajang river and its tributaries, Igan River and Batang Lebaan, to enjoy the iconic Sibu landmarks along the riverbank and to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset view from the Rajang River.


Ticket price:
Sarawakian IC RM12
Non-Sarawakian IC RM15
Non-Malaysian RM22


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Available every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Extended hours on special occasions too.


For bookings, please click on the link or WhatsApp +60168752356


You can also walk-in on the spot to purchase your tickets but be sure to send them a message on the WhatsApp link above prior to walk-in to confirm their hours.


Boarding wharf:





Sibu River Cruise
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