Sibu’s Oldest Muslim Cemetery

The oldest Muslim cemetery site was estimated to have buried over 70 Muslims since the days of the early Malay settlers to Sibu, which crossed over during the Brunei Sultanate era in 1599.
However, burial activities were stopped during Japanese occupation in 1941. Over time, river bank erosion has caused some severe damages to the site. It was restored in 2003.
The cemetery is marked with two Angsana trees are said to be the temporary “Batu Nisan” or tombstones for one tomb of an unfortunate man about 150 years ago. As most of the original tombstones were washed away, a memorial structure was later erected to commemorate it.

Entrance fees:

  • No charges applied.

Travel Tips:

  • Bring drinking water with you.
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Sibu’s Oldest Muslim Cemetery
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