Food and Nightlife

So much to eat, so little time!

From the delectable “manok pansuh,” chicken cooked in bamboo, to the savoury “Sarawak laksa,” to the delicious “kolo mee,” to the mouthwateringly crispy jungle fern “midin” dish, to the herby broth known as “kueh chap” and the rich “manok kacangma” made from motherwort and rice wine, to the seasonal “dabai” fruit, to the Melanau “umai” delicacy with thin slivers of fish and rich sago pearls, Sarawak’s very long list of unique culinary offerings is unparalleled.

The late Anthony Bourdain had popularised the “laksa Sarawak” as a breakfast option where he referred it as “breakfast of the gods” and had featured the delectable dish in his globally-acclaimed series, No Reservation and the CNN Parts Unknown.

The month-long Kuching Food Fair isn’t all about local cuisine. The dazzling array of street food inspired from the world all over can fill your evenings, the occasion an excellent way to mingle with the local community. The festival typically stretches over the July/August period.

For those interested in learning the art behind the dishes, there are even traditional cooking classes available. You can bring a taste of Sarawak back to your own home.