Learn to cook Sarawak Food

Sarawak’s ethnic diversity means that the food offerings are as diverse in taste and flavour. This class will offers some of Sarawak’s favourite food such as Sarawak Laksa, Gula Apong Chicken, ‘Midin’ (organic fern), ‘kerabu’ (local salad) and ‘Ulam’ rice. Shop for the freshest local produce at the local market. You will learn the substitute ingredients to use that you can’t find readily back home.

Your class begins with a visit to the farmer’s market. You not only learn how to pick the freshest produce for your class but to discover the varied types of jungle produce that has health benefits. You will learn preparation techniques such as fine cutting, chopping, pouncing, grinding and milking coconut. Your tutors are the same people who cook and bake for Indah Cafe. They come from different ethnicity thus bringing with them the differing styles that go into the preparation and cooking of Sarawak food.

With a little practice and heart put into it, you will be bringing a little bit of Sarawak with you wherever you go.

Sarawak Food cooking class Indah Cafe

The rate per person : RM180. The class takes a minimum of two persons and a maximum capacity of six.

This cooking class is run by Indah Cafe Kuching


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Learn to cook Sarawak Food
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