Hike The Headhunter’s Trail, Mulu

A 5D/4N hiking trip will include guided tours of the four show caves of Mulu on day 1. Overnight stay will be at a lodge. However you can have the option of luxury accommodation at the Mulu Marriott Resort. The second day will involve a 3-hour trek to Camp 5. Accommodation at the camp will be basic. Day 3 will be spent on the Pinnacles Climb. The following day, hit the Headhunters Trail to arrive for a half-hour hour boat transfer to an Iban longhouse to get your first experience living among a local community. On day 5, you will depart by boat to a riverine bazaar of Nanga Medamit. From here it is a 40-km drive to Limbang. Your tour ends here.

Hiking in Malaysia: Animated illustration of the hiking trail

This trail itself is undemanding but the history behind it and the combination of adventure and the World Heritage Site of Gunung Mulu National Park makes this an outstanding experience for the hikers.

Hiking in Malaysia - Start of Camp 5

Hiking in Malaysia: The white cliff of Mt.Benarat facing Camp 5, technically the start of the Headhunter’s Trail. Read more of their hike here.

The 11.3km trail, that traces the route taken by headhunters of yesteryears, is a great way of entering or leaving Gunung Mulu National Park. The more popular way is leaving from the National Park headquarter and ending in Limbang. From here one can either fly back to Miri or take an overland trip to Brunei Darulsalam or Kota Kinabalu. Whichever way you choose, this hiking trip is an excellent introduction to the rivers and rainforest and gigantic caves of Mulu and the added attraction of a longhouse visit.

headhunters trail longboat ride Mulu

Hiking trip in Malaysia: Longboat ride to the Iban longhouse. Photo: Denva Ajeng Wan

Doing the Pinnacles Summit view point can be a daunting experience but the view of the amazingly enormous limestone outcrop formation is worth the hike. Camp 5 is located on the bank of the Melinau Gorge. The radiance of the sunset glowing off the limestone cliffs here is a breathtaking sight. Swimming in the clear Melinau river is great way to cool off after the day’s activities.

Hiking in Malaysia - Headhunters Trail Pinnacles

From the Pinnacle View Point. Note the lady bottom left corner of picture for scale

About the Headhunter’s Trail

Hiking trip: Monkey bridge crossing headhunters trail mulu

Hiking trip in Malaysia: A monkey bridge – one of the two river crossings along the Headhunters Trail. Photo: Denva Ajeng Wan

The trail is the route used by Kayan warring parties who paddled up the Melinau River to Melinau Gorge. They, then, dragged their longboats through the forest for 3 km until they reached the banks of the Terikan River, where they launched headhunting raids against the people of the Limbang area.

This 5d/4N experience is provided by Tropical Adventure, Miri


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Hike The Headhunter’s Trail, Mulu