Irrawaddy Dolphin Cruise

Irrawaddy Dolphin Cruise (Morning) (3hrs)

This trip cruises along the Santubong River and plies the Salak River Delta systems, of which, both flow into the South China Sea.
In both, one experiences a close-up view of the heavily silted mangrove swamp, a haven for its inhabitants of reptilians to crustaceans and fishes: crocodiles, water monitor lizards, otters, mudskippers, mangrove crabs, prawns, edible jellyfish, shellfish, monkeys and more.

The swamp sustains many different species of trees, the most important being the black and red mangroves, locally known as “bakau” or “Bako’”. It’s used as piling in constructions and is also processed as charcoal.

Easily mistaken as a wasteland, the area experiences tidal rises that leave rich silts on which the mangrove thrives, giving rise to symbiotic relationships affecting all flora and fauna, aquatic life and coastal organisms.

The Irrawaddy or snubfin dolphin inhabits the rivers, estuaries and shallow coastal areas. The Santubong area remains one of the best places in Sarawak to view this unusual-looking marine mammal. When seen, they swim and dive around open waters less than 30 metres deep.

Visitors will need a keen eye to spot the dolphins and they are best seen when they frolic near local fishing boats that are hauling in the catch!

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