A Sarawak Trekking Adventure – Villages above the clouds

The Bungo Range between Sarawak and Kalimantan Indonesia offers an epic Sarawak trekking trail that is easy to reach from the capital city of Kuching, yet adventurous enough to test the fitness in you. Crossing precariously built bamboo bridges and hiking up steep gradients is surely compensated by the rich cultural experiences, the beauty of the landscape and natural phenomena that awaits you.

You will live among the Bidayuh people, engage them and learn their traditions. Trekking will be your means of getting from place to place; to soak in the sunrise, to enjoy the waterfall and to take in the splendour of what it means by ‘village above the cloud’

Trekking in Kuching Kampung Semban Village in the clouds sights and sounds (4) jungle trekking waterfall bidayuh landscape

Your itinerary may look like this:

DAY 1: Ex-Kuching – Boat ride and trekking to Village 1
You will be picked up from your hotel for the hour and a half’s journey to the Bengoh Dam Jetty for the start of your Sarawak trekking adventure. A half an hour’s boat ride takes you to the trailhead where you will commence your trek to Village 1. Enjoy your packed lunch at Eagle’s Viewpoint enroute. You are expected to arrive at Village 1 in the later part of the afternoon. After settling into your your homestay, enjoy afternoon tea and spent your time exploring the surroundings. Tuck into your home-cooked dinner at your homestay. Spend some time interacting with your host after dinner.

A Sarawak trekking adventure to Kampung Semban Village above the clouds

Video begins at the cloud and sunrise landscape view

DAY 2: Sunrise – Clouds – Waterfall – Village 2
Before daybreak and weather permitting, trek to welcome the sunrise high on top of a hill nearby. The golden rays and the waves of mist and clouds make for a spectacular sight. Return to your homestay for a refreshing shower and breakfast, then pack up and get ready to commence your new day’s trekking adventure. Your trek to Puba’an Shushung Waterfalls takes you through some established secondary forests and farmlands, along the way you learn about plants; their practical and medicinal use. Just before noon, you arrive at the magnificent waterfall. A refreshing dip in the cold water beckons you. Spend some time exploring this beautiful location as your host prepares your tradition lunch; cooked in bamboo.

A short free and easy follows after lunch. then you begin an uphill trek to your next destination. This challenging 3-hour traverse takes you through thick secondary forest. Then as you emerge high onto the hillsides with hill rice fields all around, take in the vistas of the fabulous Bornean rainforest the higher you trek. Unique to this area, your Sarawak trekking experience takes you through forests, farmlands and crossing fresh streams on simple bamboo bridges, you, then, arrive at Village 2 late in the afternoon. After settling into your room at the headman’s house, enjoy afternoon tea. Explore the village and socialise with the friendly villagers. Dinner is served at your residence. There are more opportunities to mingle with the local community or retire early.

A Sarawak Trekking Experience in Kuching Kampung Semban

Day 3 Landscape – Kuching
Wake up early and take an easy uphill walk to the knoll just behind the village to soak in yet another magnificent sunrise. The serenely beautiful vistas of the landscape infused with forest sounds and the occasional cock crows are truly an experience for your senses. Return to your residence for breakfast and a short free and easy time before trekking downhill (relief!) to the pick-up point by mid morning. You will be picked up just before noon to meet your transport back to Kuching. On the way, you have your lunch at the 10th Mile Bazaar before arriving back at Singgahsana Lodge by mid-afternoon to end your first Sarawak trekking experience.

A Sarawak Trekking Experience in Kuching Village in the clouds sights and sounds (6) jungle trekking waterfall bidayuh landscape

Special Requirements:

  • Please note that you are required to have a valid travel insurance to be eligible to participate in this activity. Kindly declare the details during the pre-departure briefing.
  • Able to take on outdoor challenges with an open mind.
  • As this is a relatively challenging adventure, attempt this only if you are fit and in good health and not against any medical advise.

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