Silabur Caving & Hiking

Silabur Caving & Hiking (Day Trip)

The town of Serian is located about 60km from Kuching and home to many Bidayuh villages of Bukar-Sadong descent.
From Serian, continue another 40 minutes’ drive to Kampung Batu Mawang, famed for its caving activity. The approximate 1-hour trek and hike to Silabur Cave will take you through lush trails and rocky paths to reach the cave’s entrance. As you arrived at the entrance, you will be welcomed by the cool breeze breathed out of the cave. The cave’s chambers are divided by the curtains of ancient limestone formations. Discovering the cave is an exhilarating experience with its unique challenging trails which are also filled with guano and swiftlets’ dung.

After spending about 1.5 hours in the cave, we will then descend down towards the next cave located at the foothill of Silabur.  This descend takes about 30 minutes as the path is rocky and steep.

Arriving at Siturib Cave, you are welcomed by the cool breeze and the clear water catchment in the cave itself.  This is an ideal spot to enjoy your packed lunch and have a cool dip before trekking back the same way we arrived earlier.

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