Sibu Heritage Centre

The Sibu Heritage Centre is housed in the former Sibu Municipal Council building, and displays the rich cultural heritage of the various ethnic groups of the Central Region.

Sibu Cultural Heritage Museum houses a fine collection of antiques, artifacts and photos, cultural exhibits on the various ethnic groups of the Rejang.

An exhibit at the museum includes the early beginnings of Sibu, the coming of early Chinese migrants from the various dialect groups and also those of the earliest ethnic tribes.

Also from Iban longhouses displaying genuine skulls which were hung, reflecting the tribes’ warrior past to the seafaring Melanaus’ tools and early signs of the Malay culture, this is a must see for visitors.

Another very impressive feature in the museum is its eye catching collection of Chinese porcelain and clay vases. These vases, some of which carries with them great sentimental value to the owners, are by far the most tangible link, which the Chinese here have with Imperial China back then. From time to time, new exhibits are added to give variety and keeping the museum up to date.

Visitors can view taxidermied animals from around the world and those found in the heart of Borneo, such as the moon rat, the rhinoceros hornbill or even the gigantic Orang Utan.

Opening hour:
9am to 5pm daily from Tuesday to Sunday.

Entrance fees:

  • No charges applied.

Contact number:

  • tel: +6084 331315
  • Fax: +6084 316200

Travel Tips:

  • Bring drinking water with you.
  • Recommended as part of your Sibu town tour.
  • Sarawak borneo doorway sibu heritage center

  • Sarawak borneo doorway sibu heritage center
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