Sarawak is coming to ITB Asia!

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Sarawak – also known as the “Land of the Hornbills” – is a must-visit destination that has so much to offer. There is always something more to discover in Sarawak, making it a popular destination in Southeast Asia. This year, Sarawak will be taking part in Asia’s Leading Trade Show (ITB Asia) to showcase what this amazing Malaysian state and its tourism products.

A MUST try local dish while visiting Sarawak is the Sarawak Laksa! The late New York celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain dubbed this spicy, rich, and aromatic noodle dish as the “Breakfast of the Gods”. The broth of this highly addictive dish contains more than 30 different spices, with coconut milk added for richness. Laksa Sarawak is typically topped with shredded chicken breast meat, plump prawns, bean sprouts, omelette strips, and coriander leaves.

It’s time for midin to shine! Kangkong, move aside! The curly jungle fern known as midin, is exclusively found in Sarawak and is fast gaining popularity. It has already become popular among foodies in neighbouring Singapore! Midin can be found growing wild throughout the state and it makes a good meal. It is now considered a local specialty and is available in practically every restaurant and food stall in Sarawak. Diners from all walks of life enjoy midin and it is often a sold-out food item on the menu! Ever consider the taste and texture of it? Imagine something zingy and nutty like an asparagus!

There are 31 different ethnic groups in Sarawak, and they each possess their own histories, ideologies, customs and cultures. Life-size replicas of the traditional homes of the state’s main ethical groups can be visited at the Sarawak Cultural Village. Discover and experience the cultural diversity of Sarawak in one day! You will have the opportunity to visit a Bidayuh Longhouse, Iban Longhouse, Orang Ulu Longhouse, Chinese Farmhouse, Melanau Tall House, Malay House, and Penan Huts. If you want to learn more about the various ethnic communities, feel free to ask as people living their everyday lives according to tradition in their homes. Make sure to stick around for the captivating cultural performances!

Sarawak’s Borneo Cultures Museum is another must-visit tourist attraction as it showcases one of the largest collections in South East Asia. The museum is the second largest in Southeast Asia and the largest in Malaysia. Days when museums just exhibited artefact exhibitions are long gone. Digital technology is deployed throughout the exhibitions, making them interactive and fun.

Moreover, the vast natural sceneries of Sarawak will simply leave you feeling. Visit the Mulu National Park, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for mountains of exceptional beauty, paired with massive river systems and tropical rainforests with enormous caves. Sarawak’s Bako National Park is one of the best places to visit for nature enthusiasts, with some of the best views coming from the Telok Pandan Kecil and Telok Pandan Besar trails, which end on a cliff top overlooking a scheduled beach and the iconic Bako sandstone Sea Stack.

Sarawak has so much to offer. It is one of Malaysia’s most beautiful and natural places, where little has changed in recent years and where there is a wide range of ecotourism opportunities. In addition to this, Kuching also earned top honors when it was awarded ‘World Craft City’ status for its prominent representation as the foundation and entryway for the indigenous tribes of Sarawak and the rest of Borneo, with its local craft creations.

If your goal is to find a place that is still authentic, has undergone few changes, and is rich in warmth, friendliness, and hospitality, you should make Sarawak your top priority.

ITB Asia is the ideal time for Singapore and Sarawak tourism stakeholders to collaborate on new initiatives to promote Sarawak as a top travel destination. Come to experience ITB Asia this October 19th to October 21st, 2022 and discover Sarawak’s hidden gems!