Mukah – Cultural Heartland of the Melanau


This Melanau heartland may be an off-the-beaten track destinaton to most visitors to Sarawak but the place is a cultural and foodie experience (adventurous) for those who have been. Fly into Sibu or take an overland trip from Kuching via the Aiman Batang Ai Resort to this main gateway town of the central region of Sarawak.

From Sibu, cruise the Igan river Sarawak in a speedboat to the town of Dalat. Along the way, cruise through the only man-made canal in Sarawak, Sg Kut. See kampung life on both banks of the canal.

Observe sago pellet processing and ‘kuih sepit’ (traditional wafer)  baking.

Stay in an authentic Melanau villge house built above the water. Do a plankwalk walking tour of Kampung (village) Tellian to hear the legendary, sometimes tragic tales  of the burial poles dotted around the village. Cruise the Tellian river to see sago trunk processing and be fascinated by how sago worm is harvested. Appreciate Melanau handicraft and its construction and visit a sago biscuit processing outlet. Shop for Mukah’s delicacies at the popular local market.

Your itinerary may look like this:

Day 1: Sibu to Mukah
Take a speedboat cruising the Igan River stopping at Kpg (village) Kut along the way for a visit. Arrive at Dalat Town for lunch and then proceed to see sago pellet processing and ‘kuih sepit’ (traditional wafer) processing. Do a sunset Tellian Village walk to learn about Melanau history and her culture . Stay overnight at Lamin Dana, a traditional Melanau house built above the water.

Day 2: Lamin Dana

Go for a longboat cruising on the Tellian River into a mangrove forest. Visit a sago trunk processing and try your hand searching for a local delicacy; sago worms. Understand the intricacies of  Melanau handicraft work. Visit Kaul Beach for a swim even.

Day 3Mukah – Sibu
Today you will have the opportunity to experience local life. Take a trip to Mukah downtown and visit the popular fish market. Here you will see fishmongers prepare fresh fish for another local delicacy, ‘Umai’ aka ‘raw fish’. You will visit another cottage food industry in sago biscuit making before preparing to return back to Sibu

Minimum number: 4 pax

Inclusive: Private speedboat,local vehicle, English Speaking Guide, 2 nights Homestay, Meals with Melanau Delicacies, Longboat cruising Tellian River, Melanau Cultural & Heritage sharing.

Excluding:Travel Insurance, personal expenditure and GST.

Remarks: Tour sequence may change subject to weather and local operating environment. This tour is offered by Greatown Travel



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