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Mount Santubong is located about 35 km north of the state capital Kuching.


Santubong map

The Santubong Peninsula is home to Sarawak’s finest beach resorts and its famous Sarawask Cultural Village.

The Santubong area is one of the best places in Sarawak to see the rare Irrawaddy dolphins.  Visitors will need a keen eye to spot these dolphins as they usually surface only for air. It is quite common to see Irrawaddy dolphins circling small fishing boats.  There are three main areas that you can easily spot the Irrawaddy Dolphins; at Kuching, Miri & Similajau, Bintulu. Take a boat ride out to the mouth of the South China Sea, passing through the mangrove swamp which you would be able to see mudskippers, crabs and monkeys.

The Santubong cruise terminal is located just about 15km from Kuching.  The Santubong Wetland area is one of the places where you can watch fireflies, which inhabit the coastal mangroves and Nipah growth along the shallow coastal area.  You might also be able to spot crocodiles and Proboscis monkeys along the river bank.

There is a Malay Village situated on the Salak Island with only about 90 families.  With its rich mangrove forest, wildlife and Malay fishing community, there’s always something going on in the river and heaps to see.

These attractions are suitable for travellers that love Nature, Culture and Adventure.  Here they can see and experience the Mangrove Forest and Dolphin Watching and also other wildlife along the way. For travellers looking for adventure, they can explore the trekking trails up to the majestic of Mount Santubong.  After a long day, you can experience the comfortness of our hospitality by staying either at the Village Homestay and Resort at Nanga Shanti, at The Village House, at The Culvert, or at Cove 55.

Let’s follow the journey of Sarawak Tourism Board staff and Sarawak partners to discover more of what Santubong has to offer.

Day 1:

Transfer from the City to Sarawak Boat Club.

Taking the boat ride while enjoying the Mangrove forest and Dolphin Watching.

Spend half of the day doing wildlife spotting around Santubong Wetlands  and Salak Estuary. Visited Kampung Salak, the Malay Fishing Village.

Then, they take a boat ride to Nanga Shanti Homestay.

Along the way, they can enjoyed the beauty of Mount Santubong from a different angle.

Meet with the Nanga Shanti Homestay owner, Ms Sophie, and had a short tour around the Homestay area and discovered nearby secluded beaches.

You can take a swim at Teluk Batu Lembu and indulge in the serenity and quietness of your surroundings.  This place is great for outdoor camping too.

Went back to the Sarawak Boat Club for a transfer to The Culvert.

At night, we had a briefing by Motor Coach for our next day hiking on Mount Santubong.

Santubong boat ride


Day 2

Today, the team will conquer the Majestic Mount Santubong.  The total journey takes about 5 to 6 hours to complete. As you slowly make your way up to the Summit, don’t forget to enjoy the surroundings & appreciate the magnificent view of the city and South China Sea.

Once at the top, make sure to take some time to immerse yourself with nature.

(Note: The duration of this journey depends on the fitness level of each individual).

Return to “The Culvert” and freshen up.

You may want to try out the in-house massage by booking a session for a deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, a foot reflexology massage or a local Borneo traditional massage. 

Those who like to enjoy some nightlife, you can have a drink or two at The New Beach Club By Tanju’ Bar. 


Day 3

You can join the Yoga Class  to relax your body and mind followed by a Deep Meditation with The Sound Bath Sessions.

Then cChecking out from The Culvert Resort.

The last stop is at “The Makam Sultan Tengah” & “Sg. Jaong Batu Bergambar” before heading home.


  • Insect Repellent / Mosquitoes Repellent
  • Hat / Cap
  • Sun Block
  • Stocking / Leech Sock
  • Shoes (Trekking/Hiking Shoes/Kasut Payak Spike for climbing & Flat Walking Shoes/Rubber Shoes for Pushing The Boat)
  • Shoes (With Good Grip /Water Shoes/Sandals Can Get Wet/Bathroom)
  • Small Backpack (Trekking/Hiking to the Summit of Mount Santubong)
  • Raincoat / Poncho or Waterproof Jacket
  • Waterproof Bag / Dry Bag / Plastic Bag (Store HP, Camera)
  • Refillable Drinking/Water Bottles
  • Energy Snacks/Foods (Chocolate/Energy Bar, Cloud 9)
  • Energy Drinks
  • Personal Toiletries
  • First Aid Kits / Personal Medications
  • Towel / Light Blanket / Kain Sarung
  • Torchlight / Flashlight (Optional)
  • Hand Gloves (Optional)

Discovery Santubong Batu Bergambar

Information provided by:
Jane Chong
VIC Kuching
Sarawak Tourism Board

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