Getting to Bukit Mabong

| Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Bukit Mabong is located in the Tunoh area, in the upper Baleh region, Kapit Division, part of the Hose Mountain Range.

Getting there is an adventure in itself, with nearly every mode of transportation you can think of. The true adventure begins when you reach Bukit Mabong, though, as you get to trek through the untouched rainforests surrounding the local Iban communities, and swim in the cool rivers and waterfalls around the area. It is like a land away from the concerns of civilization and stress.

DAY 1: Getting There

It began with an early 7.30am departure from Sibu on an express boat for a 4 hour long ride to Kapit Town.

Once in Kapit, the group had a lunch break and a short walk around the small town before proceeding to Nanga Mujong by van, a trip that took approximately 30 minutes.

When they reached Nanga Mujong, a quick longboat ride took the group across the Baleh River to their awaiting 4WD on the other bank. The boat ride takes around 5 minutes depending on the river’s current.

The car ride to Bukit Mabong takes approximately 3 hours (47km) but with good company, it passes by in a heartbeat.
Rumah Jantang awaits at Bukit Mabong, an Iban longhouse where the group got to experience the lifestyles and comfort of the local hospitality.


Day 2: Trekking to the Waterfall

After breakfast at 8:00am, the trek to “Pancur Mabong” waterfall began!

This trek took the group through a section of the rainforest that is protected under “Pemakai Menua”, which is land owned by an Iban community under customary rights. From these lands, the local Iban communities are to take only what they need to live.


Along the trail are three huts set up for visitor’s use. Trekking from Hut 1 to Hut 2 takes about 30 minutes, but Hut 2 was badly damaged by a fallen tree when the group passed it. Hut 2 to Hut 3 takes another 25 minutes. The trip  (Hut 2 was badly damaged by falling tree) and from Hut 2 to Hut 3 for another 25 minutes.

By 1:00pm, the group we trekked back to the longhouse, which took less than 45 minutes. The trip took them past some of the locals’ pepper farms and paddy fields.