Julau Upriver Expedition

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Julau Upriver Expedition

Julau upriver, Ulu Kanowit, is a unique and unspoiled place in Sarawak.  Here you can find the implementation of Tagang System (Fish breeding systems) at the selected river.

In the near future, Lanjak Entimau Wildlife sanctuary will also be extended to this area, including Bukit Entimau.

For nature and adventure seeker, do come to Julau upriver to explore Sarawak’s unique:

  • Culture – The Iban community
  • Adventure – The river adventure such as fishing, trekking, camping near Julau upriver
  • Nature – The unspoiled nature surrounded by LEWS (Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary)

Let’s follow the journey of Sarawak Tourism Board staff and Sarawak partners to Julau upriver in June 2019.

Julau Upriver Expedition map

DAY 1 

1000H: Pick-up from Sibu Airport.  Transfer to Julau Town for inspection. From Sibu to Julau is about 65km.

1300H: Visit Fort Brooke in Nanga Meluan.

1430H: Proceed to Kerangan Kuta – Ulu Mujok, Sungai Kanowit by Longboat.

1600H: Arrival at the longhouse. Familiarize with the longhouse facilities, surrounding environment & activities.

Julau Town

Julau Town

Fort Brooke, Nanga Meluan

Kubu Brooke, Nanga Meluan, was built in 1935, fully Tebelian woods (Ironwood) and believe to be bulletproof.  It is located about 24km away from Julau Town.

Rumah Robert Anak Datu, Nanga Maong, Sungai Mujok, Julau, was built in the year 2007, with 22 doors, at a total of 129 people living in the longhouse. Maong river’s name was taken from “Remaong” or invisible beast in the Iban’s belief.  The Sekolah Nanga Maong is about 300 meters away, whilst the Sg. Maong Clinic is about 500 meters from the longhouse. Among the villagers, 36 are farmers, 21 are labor workers and 6 are government servants.

DAY 2 

Ulu Mujok – Kerangan Kuta– RH Margretta

0700H: Breakfast, study the potential activities, trekking to the Jepilai Waterfall, river fishing, and farming.

1400H: Depart to Kerangan Kuta.

1630H: Arrived at the RH Margretta.

Sungai Mujok to Sungai Maong

Jepilai Waterfall, Upper Sungai Maong

Homestay – Rumah Margretta, Kerangan Buloh, Sungai Kanowit, Julau, located about 65km away from Sibu town, and 43km from Sibu Airport.

DAY 3 

RH Margretta – RH Philip Kayak – Sibu Airport

0700H: Breakfast.

1030H: Check-out and proceed to RH Philip Kayak.

1130H: Arrived at the RH Philip Kayak, get familiar with RH Philip Kayak’s activities & program.

1500H: Proceed to Sibu Airport for flight back.


Julau Upriver Expedition - Durin map

Homestay – Rumah Penghulu Philip Kayak, Sungai Durin, Sibu

  1. Homestay Package at Rumah Margretta

Packages Daily 1

  • RM40.00 per pax
  • RM35.00 per pax (For 6 years and above)
  • RM30.00 per pax (For 18 years and below)

*Include Lunch

Packages Daily 2

  • RM25.00 per pax
  • RM 15.00 per pax (For 6 years and above)
  • RM15.00 per pax (For 18 years and below)

*Excluding Lunch

Contact Person:

Puan Margretta Anak Tujang

Tel: 013-8465365

  1. Homestay Rh Margretta, Kerangan Buloh

Rh. Margretta, Kerangan Buloh,

96600, Julau, Sarikei, Sarawak

Rumah Penghulu Philip Kayak, Sungai Durin, Sibu.

  1. Homestay Package at Rumah Penghulu Philip Kayak

Packages – RM80.00 (Per person)

Including = One-night stay with 3 meals, longhouse tour, visit nearby Nursery (Hii Nursery and Durin Bazaar)

Contact Person:

Mr. Philip Kadom Ak Jamba
Tel: 019-8555063
Fax:084-217521– 0198555063

Mdm. Rosalind Sandah
Tel: 0198594557

Homestay Rumah Penghulu Philip Kayak,
Sg Durin, Sibu, Sarawak

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip. We had the chance to get back with nature, as we take a deep breath inside the jungle and experienced the exciting boat rides.  Activities like fishing and cultural shows should be included on the trip.

Photos by:
By Jessie Anak Mangka