Discover Sematan

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First established as a trading outpost, Sematan of today is an idyllic beach town located about 100km west of Kuching.

Let’s join the journey of Sarawak Tourism Board staff and Sarawak partners to discover more of what Sematan has to offer.


Day 1  – 14/10/19 (Monday)

  • 0830 hrs – depart from Kuching to Sematan via Matang / Ferry Rambungan, Bongan / Lundu Road.
  • Arrived at Kpg Pueh Homestay around noon after about 2 hours journey, meet and greet by the Homestay Coordinator, Mr. Meot Ak Nuber and the local guide Mr. Limbi Ak Binit
  • Trekking to the Rafflesia site in the primary forest of Kpg Pueh about 1 hour 30 mins (one way) 
  • Stop over at Sebat Waterfall to enjoy the refreshing natural pool

Sematan Ferry

Kpg Pueh Homestay

Rafflesia site in the Primary Forest of Kpg Pueh

Day 2 – 15/10/19 ( Tuesday) 

  • 0800 hrs – Depart for Kpg Telok Melano 
  • Stop over at Telok Serabang Beach ( 30 mins from Kpg Pueh )
  • Arrived at Kpg Telok Melano & check in at Fanorama Homestay ( about 1 hour journey from Kpg Pueh )
  • Proceed by boat to Talang Island for snorkeling activities. There, you will see beautiful sights of soft and hard coral.  And if you are lucky, you might be able to witness a young sea turtle hatching, coming out from the shore and swimming to the sea.
  • Back to Kpg Telok Melano Homestay for a tour around the village and joined the kampung folks preparing “jeruk asam mempelam” (local mango pickle).
  • After dinner, join the ever popular traditional Malay Drum Song by the Homestay host “Bergendang, Bermukun & Menopeng”, a Cultural Heritage of the Sarawak Malay community

Telok Serabang

Telok Melano

Talang Island



Day 3 – 16/10/19 (Wednesday)

  • Depart for Tanjung Datu National Park by boat, journey takes about 20 mins.
  • Check in at Tanjung Datu National Park and a briefing by the Park Warden.
  • Trekking on Pasir Antu Laut Beach Trail (2.7km), which takes about 2 hours for one way.
  • Cont. trekking on Telok Upas trail and swimming on Telok Upas beach ( about 5 mins each way)
  •  2000 hrs – Night walk on the Belian trail to see what type of insect or animal that can be found lurking at night. 

The team found: 

  • Eared tree frog, family – Rhacophoridae, Species – Polypedates Otilophus
  • Huntsman Spider, family – Sparassidae  / Heteropodidae
  • Katydid (grasshopper) – Bush Crickets

Day 4 – 17/0/19 (Thursday)

  • Go for an early morning walk on the Beach and witness the beautiful scenic sunrise.
  • Depart by boat to see the light house at end of southern Sarawak, about 10 mins from Tanjung Datu.
  • By noon, proceed back to Kuching.

Information provided by:
VIC Kuching
Sarawak Tourism Board